Chicken paper craft

Geometric chicken paper craft idea for kids. Use the at home template or teacher template when crafting with a group of kids to create this mother hen with three babies tucked under her wing. This is a fun craft for Spring or farm animals theme, and is great for kids fine motor skill development with cutting and gluing #kidscrafts #papercraft #constructionpaper #chicken #farmanimals #spring #mothers
Celebrate Springtime with this easy geometric chicken paper craft for kids. The craft involves simple steps of cutting geometric shapes out from paper and glueing into place to make a mother hen with three baby chicks tucked under her wing. Lift the wing up to see the babies! This digital download file includes two sets of templates.  • At home set - which makes one chicken. This involves stapling the shapes to pieces of coloured construction paper before cutting them out (or alternatively you could cut them out directly from the template and trace them onto coloured paper) • Teacher set - this is designed to print multiple copies of each shape directly onto coloured construction paper, removing the stapling step. This maximises economy of paper usage for teachers and simplifies the project for a larger group of kids. Print out the number of pages you need to suit your students according to the key on the cover page The file also includes a set of printable step-by-step instructions and a picture of the finished craft for reference

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